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  • JEC 2024 – We’ll be there. Find us on the Bossard Stand

    13 Feb 2024

    JEC World 2024 is just around the corner, March 5th-7th, in Paris. We’ll be there to discuss the ins and outs of composite fastening and how bigHead can work with you to determine fastening solutions to optimise design, manufacturing and assembly for your project. Find us at the Bossard Group stand and come and chat with our designers. Back at…

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  • Pursuing Precision Engineering with a Passionate Drive

    29 Jan 2024

    Meet Henry Bower, the newest addition to the bigHead team, serving as the new Junior Maintenance Engineer. In his role, Henry supports the manufacturing lines by designing and manufacturing intricate parts for the production team. Components within the production machines often need replacing due to wear and tear and the maintenance engineers ensure that the tooling for the vast range…

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  • Volunteering to be on hand and help out in 2024

    11 Jan 2024

    Keen to make a difference in today’s world, beyond helping designers and engineers to fasten composite materials, bigHead has started 2024 with particular good intent by signing up to the ‘Tech for Good’ volunteering organisation ‘OnHand’. OnHand is a platform to which companies sign up, allowing their employees to volunteer to be placed on the OnHand register of helpers. Volunteers…

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  • Integrating fasteners into closed mould production processes.

    05 Dec 2023

    We’re delighted to announce that our 2023/24 student project is in full swing at Cranfield University’s Enhanced Composites and Structures Centre. Under the guidance of our development team, based at the Cranfield Innovation Centre, and Andrew Mills, principal research fellow in composites manufacturing at Cranfield University, this project builds on our continued research into integrating bigHead fasteners into closed mould…

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  • Fastening composite materials in different configurations

    28 Nov 2023

    ‘bigHead configurations’ is our new website section where we address fastening composite materials from YOUR viewpoint. You have a design with composite materials and they need fastening. But what are your options? What are you trying to achieve? Are you focussed on speed and efficiency? Do you need to simplify component design and maximise your manufacturing throughput? Or is your focus…

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