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  • Fastening composite materials in different configurations

    28 Nov 2023

    ‘bigHead configurations’ is our new website section where we address fastening composite materials from YOUR viewpoint. You have a design with composite materials and they need fastening. But what are your options? What are you trying to achieve? Are you focussed on speed and efficiency? Do you need to simplify component design and maximise your manufacturing throughput? Or is your focus…

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  • bigHead focuses on renewable energy

    06 Sep 2023

    We have been passionate about sustainability and renewable energy since early 2019 and have achieved carbon neutral status each year since then. Now we are going even further. bigHead is saving energy, money and CO2 and also generating electricity to export to the grid. Despite July and August not being the best summer months, these are our statistics from the…

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  • bigHead playing a key role as experts in composite material fastening for EV manufacture

    22 May 2023

    Bossard Group has established a Global Electric Vehicle (EV) Group concentrating on the component fastening requirements of electric vehicle designers and manufacturers across Bossard’s worldwide marketplace. bigHead, with our years of experience in secure fastenings for composite materials, is a main contributor to this group. Composites are used widely in many aspects of EV manufacture.  The Global EV Group met…

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  • bigHead solutions for composite panel fastening in electric vehicles at JEC World 2023

    28 Apr 2023

    JEC World 2023 lived up to expectations as a great experience with opportunities to learn, discuss and advise in the ever expanding world of composite materials. bigHead Bonding Fasteners were a key element of the Bossard Group stand. The electric vehicle (EV) industry was a major topic at the show and one in which fasteners are needed everywhere, from the…

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  • bigHead benefits demonstrated through animations

    23 Mar 2023

    Our Bossard Group colleagues in Germany have worked with us to create a series of short simple animations which can portray the key benefits of bigHead fasteners in less than 30 seconds. These illustrate the four points below. Why bigHead fasteners reduce the need for localised thickening How a bigHead fastener is invisible from the A-side Using bigHeads for co-process…

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