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  • Global manufacturing needs global support. 

    13 Apr 2021

    At bigHead we find that global projects increasingly follow a familiar pattern; design and development in Europe where costs are high, transition to China for volume production.  Such global manufacturing is complex, requiring not just the accurate transfer of knowledge and expertise but the management of different cultures and expectations. As part of the Bossard Group, bigHead is well placed to ensure that…

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  • Joining in Car Body Engineering 2021

    29 Mar 2021

    We are looking forward to presenting bigHead Lean Bonding at ‘Joining in Car Body Engineering 2021  –Detroit meets Bad Neuheim’, 19-22nd April. We will be presenting an exciting Lean Bonding update – Lean Bonding PP – together with Powdertech Surface Science.  Joining technology is at the centre of technical discussions as the automotive industry transforms and embraces advanced mixed material concepts. Both the US and European conferences will take place virtually, forming an all-virtual Automotive Circle Joining in…

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  • bigHead achieves carbon neutral status

    25 Feb 2021

    bigHead is very pleased to have achieved carbon neutral status for 2019 and 2020!   We started to focus on sustainability in 2019 and at that point we had no idea what our carbon footprint was. Now we are now measuring it and doing something about it.  bigHead is starting to take responsibility for its part in the climate crisis.  Finding ways to reduce emissions In 2019 we…

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  • bigHead releases Core range technical guide

    06 Feb 2020

    bigHead’s latest innovation, Core range, now comes with a Technical Guide that provides information critical to composite applications: Performance data to help you confidently select the right product for the application Design guidelines to ensure the product is correctly designed-in Assembly features to prevent joint failures For more in depth assistance, please get in touch.  bigHead is always ready to…

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  • bigHead® expands its innovation team

    22 Aug 2019

    bigHead® Bonding Fasteners continues its investment in innovation with the appointment of two more engineers.  Central to bigHead’s strategy is the long-term investment in engineering expertise and composites knowledge.  Having received an outstanding report earlier this year from Innovate UK for a KTP with Cranfield University, bigHead has now built a team dedicated to meeting their customer’s most challenging problems. …

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