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Pursuing Precision Engineering with a Passionate Drive

29 Jan 2024

Meet Henry Bower, the newest addition to the bigHead team, serving as the new Junior Maintenance Engineer. In his role, Henry supports the manufacturing lines by designing and manufacturing intricate parts for the production team. Components within the production machines often need replacing due to wear and tear and the maintenance engineers ensure that the tooling for the vast range of bigHead fasteners is kept precise and efficient. bigHead is renowned for its production of specialist and bespoke fasteners that support customers with particular applications and these unique components also have to be machined and fitted by the maintenance engineers.

Henry’s journey with bigHead began during a temporary stint in production as a sixth form leaver, before leaving to study for a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Portsmouth. The temporary placement actually lasted for 16 months as it was during the pandemic, and therefore not a great time to experience university life.

“The practical experience I had gained was really useful once I began to study”,  reflects Henry “It meant that I had already seen how the theories of mechanical engineering might be applied in the real world. ”  On leaving University, Henry applied to bigHead for a permanent role and was taken on in production where, he says, it was satisfying to get back to gaining hands-on experience after the academic rigors of university study.

Henry continues, “Then when a position in engineering became available, I knew that was where I wanted to be. I’d like to learn more about the design and development side of engineering and I feel privileged to be working amongst such revered and experienced engineers.” 

When he is not working in the technologically advanced world of precision engineering, Henry enjoys delving back into history, with a keen interest in military vehicles.