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Volunteering to be on hand and help out in 2024

11 Jan 2024

Keen to make a difference in today’s world, beyond helping designers and engineers to fasten composite materials, bigHead has started 2024 with particular good intent by signing up to the ‘Tech for Good’ volunteering organisation ‘OnHand’.

OnHand is a platform to which companies sign up, allowing their employees to volunteer to be placed on the OnHand register of helpers. Volunteers can offer to do a range of simple tasks to assist older and infirm members of their local community, or to help with community endeavours. This may include anything from doing a food shop, or checking in on someone with a phone call, to helping with the local food bank, homeless shelter or community garden. Interviews and full DBS checks are completed before anyone is listed on the OnHand register.

OnHand has set out to be simple way to support local communities by encouraging businesses to engage their teams in ‘doing good’. One of the big issues that faces society today is a lack of community cohesion and cooperation, exacerbated by younger family members often living far from elderly relatives. By engaging trusted people in a local community to take on a few tasks for those in need of help, the well-being of everyone involved is given a boost – the recipient, their friend or relative who may have requested the help, and the volunteer themselves.

We will report back on the differences that bigHead employees make being ‘OnHand’ over the coming year.

You can find out a lot more about ‘OnHand’ here and here on the FAQs page