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  • Exploring Innovations at JEC World 2024 Show: Composite Materials in Engineering

    21 Mar 2024

    JEC World 2024 highlighted new benchmarks in the pursuit of sustainability and innovation in materials science and engineering. It is clear that the focus on recyclable and environmentally friendly materials will continue to shape the trajectory of the industry, promising a greener and more sustainable future. 

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  • Strengthening Collaborative Bonds for Advanced Composite Fastening Solutions

    17 Jan 2024

    At bigHead Bonding Fasteners, we recognise the pivotal role that collaboration with our customers and partners plays in crafting the best solution. By actively engaging with industry leaders, such as 3M, known for pioneering adhesive innovations, we strive to enhance our ability to address challenges and deliver robust solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. bigHead fasteners are designed to facilitate…

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  • Sustainability for composite materials

    07 Dec 2023

    Composite materials are playing a significant role in the continued push for lightweight design and in the drive to meet net-zero targets. Sustainability for composite material production, processing and waste management is now an urgent area of research and development. This was evident at Advanced Engineering 2023, where much of the exhibition space was dedicated to showcasing composite materials and…

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  • JEC 2023 notable trends in the use of composite materials

    15 Jun 2023

    The JEC World exhibition serves as a pivotal and accessible annual platform showing an array of emerging technologies and trends within the composites industry. BigHead, the specialists in fastening composite materials, noted four key trends at JEC 2023.

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  • bigHead expertise in composite material fastening central to electric vehicle manufacture

    22 May 2023

    bigHead is playing a significant role in supporting Bossard’s Global Electric Vehicle (EV) Group which concentrates on the component fastening requirements of electric vehicle designers and manufacturers across Bossard’s worldwide marketplace. With a presence across four of the world’s five continents, Bossard has established this EV sector focussed initiative with the most relevant group members and brand partners from different…

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  • Lightweighting with composite materials in the rail industry

    31 Jan 2023

    bigHead fasteners offer many solutions Rail industry OEMs face considerable pressures on all fronts. To survive they must greatly improve their reliability and operating performance. In rolling stock manufacture, companies are striving to achieve overall weight reductions of around 30 percent in order to meet their goals in terms of sustainability, operating cost reductions, capacity and efficiency. Vehicle weight reduction…

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  • The merits of a long-term investment strategy

    04 Nov 2022

    Matt Stevens, CEO bigHead Bonding Fasteners discusses the value of long-term investment in manufacturing. “It is no secret that UK industry has long suffered from lack of investment with a long-term view. The topic has been one of much concern to commentators for many decades. When the proportion of GDP allocated to fixed investment is measured, the UK still lingers…

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  • Composite panel fastening for off-shore power

    20 Jun 2022

    bigHead Bonding Fasteners frequently works together with clients to provide Special designs for composite panel fastening.  The Core and Extended product ranges are able to cover many applications, but innovative designs often require bespoke solutions. By their nature, our special designs differ from one another but our ‘Specialisation’ page  gives a flavour of the issues we address. Some years ago…

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  • Construction industry GRC panel fastening

    31 Mar 2022

    Panel fasteners are an important topic in the construction industry and especially in relation to fixing glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC or GRC) panels.  GRC offers enormous advantages in construction, providing a strong and durable material. GRC panels are often as thin as 13 mm but, although comparatively light, can weigh up to a ton or more. The mechanical systems…

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  • Composite panel fasteners for automotive applications

    31 Mar 2022

    bigHead® Bonding Fasteners help provide fast, secure and cost-efficient results As composites are used for a wider range of automotive applications, the importance of composite panel fasteners grows.  The creation of secure and reliable fastening points compatible with a wide range of composite materials and their different fabrication processes is key.  bigHead helps designers and fabricators meet these challenges in…

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