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The devil is in the smallest detail

27 Apr 2021

You may not consider bigHead composite bonding fasteners as one of your key design tools – but we’d like to argue that they are! They may seem small and inconsequential – until you need to think about joining materials together. Securing the components in your design whilst you try to satisfy multiple conditions probably causes quite a few headaches. Perhaps there’s a space constraint for the width or length of the fixing, the attachment strength is critical, aesthetics dictate that the fixing must not be visible and the material must not be drilled.

How do you ensure that the best fixing can be applied without compromising your design? By involving someone who knows all about composite bonding fasteners. Someone who has done all the tests, is a veteran of the hoops you are trying to jump through, constantly thinks about and perfects new and better ways of doing one thing – fastening. You excel in creating the outstanding performance, the innovative features and the stunning lines; we’ll think about the fastening. Involve bigHead at the start of your design journey and we will be there to work with you, to offer suggestions, to advise and to make special fixings should your design require them.

You will find informative papers and technical guidelines to download HERE. Talk to us. You’ll find that fastening IS the most exciting topic for us and will enable you to realise your most imaginative designs.