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bigHead playing a key role as experts in composite material fastening for EV manufacture

22 May 2023

Bossard Group has established a Global Electric Vehicle (EV) Group concentrating on the component fastening requirements of electric vehicle designers and manufacturers across Bossard’s worldwide marketplace. bigHead, with our years of experience in secure fastenings for composite materials, is a main contributor to this group.

Composites are used widely in many aspects of EV manufacture. 

The Global EV Group met recently in Austria to address electric vehicle manufacturing, with bigHead fronting the discussions related to fastening techniques for composite materials. From bigHead’s innovation team based at Cranfield, Oli le Marquand Brown was our representative at this gathering, imparting all we already know and are continually learning about fastening composite materials securely and through ‘Lean Manufacturing’ processes.

Composites now play an ever-increasing role in the manufacture of EVs, presenting a range of fastening challenges in which bigHead has great experience and knowledge. With increasing numbers of EV models moving into mass production, this creates a growing emphasis on maximising cost efficiency and production rates. In finding solutions, the bigHead team considers the entire production process from design to final assembly and has the breadth of knowledge required to discuss solutions with engineers in all of these fields. Find out more in our BLOG article.