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bigHead focuses on renewable energy

06 Sep 2023

We have been passionate about sustainability and renewable energy since early 2019 and have achieved carbon neutral status each year since then. Now we are going even further. bigHead is saving energy, money and CO2 and also generating electricity to export to the grid.

Despite July and August not being the best summer months, these are our statistics from the end of August, following the installation of 130 solar panels in early July.

  • Generated 49% of the electricity we consume

  • Exported 3.7MWh to the grid

  • Saved 2,131 kg Co2

  • CO2 reduction equivalent 129 trees planted

Our one hundred and thirty, 50kW panels were installed by Wessex Eco Energy, award winning solar energy experts. They form a west facing grid on the roof of the bigHead premises in Verwood, Dorset. We are extremely impressed by the expertise and commitment both to sustainability and to great service displayed by the installation team.

Self-generating around half of the energy we consume is a very good feeling. We will continually look to make improvements in our endeavours towards sustainability. See our previous carbon neutrality article