Designed together

Designed Together is how we work in partnership to help you meet your application requirements.

We connect Design, Manufacturing, and Assembly stakeholders to eliminate uncertainty and to focus on the details vital to your success.

It’s where our expertise in composites combined with our flexibility in manufacturing can make a real difference to your project.

Need a non-standard product size?

If you have found a bigHead product that matches your application but not the exact size requirement, please reach out to our sales team to tell us your needs and explore available options.


Need a special design for your application?

If you need us to design a bigHead to meet your specific performance demands or integration requirements, please contact our technical team so they can guide you through available product features and specialisations.


Need to develop a complete solution?

Partner with us, and we’ll apply our experience and expertise to your specific challenge. Please contact our technical team.

Case studies

Download a case study to see how bigHead works in partnership to meet client needs:
  • Embedding case study

    EV injection moulding with bigHead products

    • Product selection assistance
    • Tooling compatibility check
    • Defining assembly loading limits
    Read/Download PDF
  • Embedding case study

    Specialisation for automotive PUR moulding

    • Special fastener features
    • Dimensional controls for mould tool compatibility
    • Special finishes for corrosion resistance or thread friction control
    Read/Download PDF
  • Surface bonding case study

    Wind Turbine Nacelle Fastener

    • R&D, prototyping and testing
    • Special fastener features
    • Special packaging
    Read/Download PDF